Kombi Sleeper with Audio and Electrical Upgrades

Kombi Sleeper with Audio Electrical Upgrades main

Kombi Sleeper with Audio and Electrical Upgrades

This brand new T6.1 Kombi came to us after the customer was hugely impressed with the work we did on his friends van. There’s nothing better for us than personal recommendations and this was a great build.

The brief on this one sounds simple. Make it quiet, make it comfortable, improve the sound of the stereo, give me somewhere comfortable to sleep and give me power. Now that does sound simple, but just how far do you go?

In the end, after much discussion with the customer to make sure we got everything exactly as required, we settled on the following: Extensive Sound Deadening throughout the entire van; rear and cab floor, rear and cab roof, front doors, scuttle panel, tailgate, sliding doors, rear quarters, wheel arches.

Nowhere was left untouched in the quest for the quietest and warmest van possible. As always we used the very best products available from Silent Coat and Dodo and the results speak for themselves.

Audio was taken care of with the fantastic Focal ISVW165 Front Speaker and Tweeter upgrade, powered by an awesome little amp hidden away behind the dash. This gives a huge improvement in sound quality, depth and volume compared to the standard setup, but maintains the full OEM look. You would never know it’s there until you hear it!

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The bed is a brilliant Kombi sleeper from our friends at Kombi Nation Beds. When folded out flat and utilising the folded flat rear Kombi seats you have a full-size double bed. Just add your folding mattress of choice for a comfortable night’s sleep. The bed is easily removable and you can convert from van to camper in less than 10 minutes. When in the folded position you still have huge amounts of space in the back of the van, plus a handy parcel shelf.

12v Power was provided by a 120Ah AGM leisure battery and Victron Bluetooth Smart DC-DC charger. The installation included LED ceiling spotlights, touch LED tailgate spotlight and USB and USBC outlets.

The usual high-quality carpet lining was carried out for the final finish, complete with hidden clips for the cleanest finish possible. The rear ceiling was covered in brushed nylon to match perfectly with the original front head lining.


“Thoroughly recommend Chris at the Van Cave. He’s a top chap who’s very knowledgeable with a real attention to detail – all good qualities when it comes to trusting someone to work on my beloved van!

Chris sound deadened and insulated the whole cab and rear of the van then ply lined and carpeted the rear adding spots and an OEM like headlining. It really looks great. Van shade in the rear window and kombi nation bed are ace too.

Leisure battery, charge points and speaker upgrade also all completed to a very high standard. It’s everything I wanted and more. Cannot recommend Chris highly enough!”

Kombi Sleeper with Audio Electrical Upgrades main

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Whether it’s a new bed or audio upgrades, we’ve can keep your VW van performing and looking good. Not sure we can help? Get in contact and ask. We’d be happy to hear from you.

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