We Bagged Our Demo Van

Demo Van by The Van Cave Somerset Main

We Bagged Our Demo Van

After running SoLow Coil Overs for almost 2 years, air suspension was the natural progression. We had been looking at the market for ages considering which air ride kit would be the right kit for us when the news broke that SoLow Suspension were working on their own air suspension kit.

As a SoLow dealer, we were already well aware of the quality of SoLow kits and the quality of the ride they offer, so SoLow AIR immediately became the obvious choice for us.

Having had one of the first kits to come to market sent to us, we can confirm that the build quality is first class. The materials used, the finishes, the quality of the build and the quality of the design are second to none.

We can say with confidence that SoLow AIR will very quickly become the market leader for transporter air suspension. The kit rides low, very low, but with outstanding comfort levels. It airs out lower than any other kit on the market, straight out of the box, with drops of 200mm easily achievable, even without serious cutting and welding.

We paired this install with Airlift Performance 3H management, for the ultimate in height based control. This is a superb setup, which automatically adjusts the pressure in the bags to account for different loads, always ensuring that the ride height is exactly as you set it.

You don’t even need to press a button on the controller. Pull up at the DIY merchants, load up with supplies, turn the ignition on and the Airlift 3H will instantly adjust the pressures to maintain the set ride height.

Demo Van by The Van Cave Somerset 2
Demo Van by The Van Cave Somerset 3

Need to tow? No problem. Hook up your trailer or caravan and the management will simply take care of everything, bringing your ride height back to where it was set ensuring safe and reliable towing.

What more could you ask for? Camping on uneven ground? No problem, get your spirit level out and you can manually adjust the pressure on all 4 corners of the van until it’s perfectly level!

All that’s left to say is that we love SoLow AIR, we love Airlift Performance management and we love the way the demo van looks and drives. What do you think? Feel free to get in touch for pricing and installation lead times.

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